E-mail encryption Deltagon Sec@GW

With Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution you can secure your organization’s e-mail messaging straightforwardly. For the user, securing e-mails is simple and fast. In addition, you can prevent information leaks due to human errors and follow the compliance of information security guidelines in e-mail communication

Straightforward e-mail encryption

  • Provides the organization with different levels of protection from easy to
    use security level up to the national protection level IV (Finland).
  • Secures all necessary e-mails to any recipient – easy to send and
    receive confidential messages without installations to devices.
  • Helps with setting up and deploying an information security policy. Carry out the
    information security policies for electronic communications with one guideline.
  • For end-users the use of the solution is straightforward, therefore easy – works
    even without registrations and passwords.
  • A third party can easily start a secure communications, for example, from your
    company’s website – even the files reach the destination securely.
  • The efficient solution supports several encryption standards, such as TLS, S/MIME.

E-mail DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

  • Analyzes the realization of information security in e-mail communications with suitable measurements.
  • Ensures the security of confidential e-mails without the danger of human error. The content that requires securing, such as a personal identification number, can be recognized directly from the e-mail traffic.
  • Follows the compliance of information security guidelines in e-mail communications and instruct users to act accordingly. In order for a good information security policy to be implemented purpose-built ways of measuring it are needed.

Deltagon D-Network service

  • Transparent, secure e-mail messaging with Deltagon D-Network service.
  • Enables customers and interest groups an opportunity for completely transparent confidential electronic communication within a secure network.

Secure file sharing and group messaging

Deltagon collabRoom is a secure workspace, which easily combines file sharing and messaging as a whole. Confidential information can be shared safely and securely with different interest groups. Deltagon collabRoom also enables a secure instant messaging and other convenient functions for teamwork.

Secure information sharing

  • Communicate safely among the group.
  • Share confidential files to other members of the group.
  • Reply to messages and comment on files.
  • Chat securely in real time with instant messaging.
  • Several teamwork functions: eg search of a suitable time for the
    group, allocation of tasks and voting.
  • Controlled system where information security is taken into account.




Secure form platform to support e-services

Deltagon secureForms is a secure platform for creating forms to support e-services. With the secure form solution you can publish e-forms easily – while maintaining information security. The form platform can be integrated with back-end systems so that the information can be transferred directly to internal systems without laborious steps in between. As for the user, Deltagon secureForms works so that the form can be filled and sent electronically directly – without downloading or printing files.

Safe and secure electronic forms

  • Forms can be easily self-published – does not require coding.
  • The user can fill in and sent the form directly.
  • The user can be identified or the form can be signed electronically.
  • Data can be transferred directly to systems – the form is truly electronic
    and in a structured form.
  • Processes and services can be digitized.
  • Complies with the information security and data protection requirements set for e-services.





Boost security coverage and response with active video intelligence. Our AI security solution provides smart sensing, automatic threat detection and quick response task allocation.

Manage Your Security with AI

  • Automatically detect threats in real-time with any existing CCTV set-up.
  • Automatically track your manpower and assets in real-time.
  • Real-time notification & analytics
  • Custom Mobile App
  • Shift Management
  • Integrate with other systems on our unified dashboard.





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