Confidential communication in the Public Sector

Confidential data in the public sector

Organizations in the public sector handle a lot of confidential and sensitive information and it’s vital that the information is not leaked to the wrong parties. In the recent years, Singapore has implemented the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which ensure a baseline standard of protection for personal data across the economy by complementing sector-specific legislative and regulatory frameworks. This means that organisations will have to comply with the PDPA as well as the common law and other relevant laws that are applied to the specific industry that they belong to, when handling personal data in their possession.

In public sector confidential information can be, for example:

  • Personal data
  • Documents under preparation
  • Different reports
  • Data protected for the state’s security
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Security of supply
  • International information sharing

How can you secure information in the Public Sector?

E-mail encryption in the public sector

E-mail encryption gives the possibility for fast and secure e-mail communication. Identifying the recipient can be done with strong electronic identification. Encrypted e-mail enables efficient communication even outside business hours. The recipient can reply to the message using the same encrypted channel and it’s possible to attach large files to an encrypted e-mail. Also ST IV and ST III (in Finland) security classified communication is possible.

Electronic forms to assist the public sector

For organizations in the public sector it is crucial to digitalize processes to enable fast and efficient electronic services. Electronic form solution gives the organization the ability to provide e-services and helps with collecting structured information from the customers and stakeholders. To prevent manually processing data, this information can be integrated to already existing systems. Electronic forms can also be used, for example, to ask for files referring to estate inventory.

Secure workspace for file sharing and communication in public sector

File sharing and discussion in various projects can be done securely in an electronic workspace. It’s easy to create new rooms for projects to help with communication with internal and outside users alike. Especially the global use has been made effortless. Depending on the sensitivity of the information being processed a security level for the room can be set that is in correspond to the classification of material done by the organization.

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