Confidential communication in service sector

Confidential data in Service Sector

A lot of identifiable information, which has to be encrypted for its confidentiality, is communicated in the service industry. Traditional mail is the typical communication channel but also email has been adopted as a useful solution to communicate with customer when the communication has to be quick and easy.

Confidential communication in service sector can be, for example:

  • Matters in preparation
  • Information related to investments
  • Various reports
  • Customer data
  • Agreements
  • Legal advisements
  • Personnel data and other HR material
  • Project information

How can you secure information in the Service Sector

Encrypting e-mails in the service business

In a highly competitive market, information has to be delivered quickly to the customer and with encrypted email solution you can send classified information in a blink of an eye. For example, sending incident reports in the security sector or communications around a juridical case can be now taken care of quickly and effortlessly with the encrypted email solution. Sending and receiving of encrypted messages is effortless and straightforward. In its simplest form, it works by just clicking a link without any registrations.

Organization can use e-mail DLP to monitor outgoing traffic. If needed, message with confidential data can be encrypted automatically or returned to the sender. It is also possible to get an analysis about the amount of identifiable information that has gone out without encryption.

Secure electronic forms in the service sector

Contacts from new customers, calls for offers and service requests among others may contain confidential information that has to be secured. Electronic formscan be set up with mandatory fields and additional questions based on given answers. The form can also be used to gather documents and other files, for example, in regards to a court-case.

Secure workspace for file sharing and communication

Messaging and sharing of files between a group or a team can be done effortlessly and securely in an electronic workspace. For example, fusions and mergers can be handled safely with the use of a workspace. All information can be collected in to one place and users can be given access to this information according to need.

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