Confidential communication in municipalities

Confidential data in municipalities and cities

Privacy is a basic right for everyone and no one should gather personal data without reasonable grounds. The Personal Data Protection Commission guides and controls the processing of personal data and provides related consultation. Especially in communication related to authorities it’s important to make sure that data processing is carried out in a proper way.

In municipalities confidential data is handled especially in basic social security units. In addition to basic social security, there’s confidential communication between educational establishments, authorities, state agencies and residents. Municipalities may also cooperate with armed forces, for example, therefore the communication may even contain Confidential and Restricted materials.

Sensitive information is handled, for example, in the following social security units:

  • Adult social services
  • Senior citizen services
  • Educational and family health center
  • Services for disabled persons
  • Child care
  • Integration of immigrants
  • Mental health and drug control services
  • Service counselling
  • Family services
  • Criminal and civil settlements
  • Public social emergency services
  • Finance and debt counseling
  • Health care services
  • General guardian

How can you secure information in municipality or city?

E-mail encryption in municipality

To have e-mail conversation that includes personal data or other confidential information, municipality needs a solution to secure their e-mails. There may be communication directly with the residents or with various authorities. Our e-mail encryption solution enables also confidential communication initiated by residents. Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution enables multiple security levels and even sending security classified material (ST III and ST IV in Finland).

Support the municipal e-services with electronic forms

With different electronic forms a municipality can gather data from residents as well as partners in a structured form. Simply converting forms into electronic format to publish them in municipality’s website doesn’t reduce the work load related to printing, mailing, scanning and manually entering the data to system. To make the service better, it’s beneficial to take an information secure solution in use, which can gather the data safely and in digital form. A person can also be identified when necessary – even with strong electronic authentication (for example, BankID, NemID)

Secure workspace to share files and communications in the municipality

Municipal committees, for example, prepare and handle various confidential documents and other materials. That data is categorized confidential before its public. In secure workspace members of a committee or other groups can quickly share files and communicate easily about them. User management is easy and security levels can be defined for rooms depending on sensitivity of the data.

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