Finance & Insurance

Bank secrecy is one of the most important principles of credit institution operations. Financial data, investments and customer information must be secured in banking and insurance matters.

Information & Communication

Make sure your company’s reputation is maintained and gain a competitive edge with secure communications. Protect customer data and other intellectual capital in electronic communications.

Public sector

State security and the protection of citizens’ information is vital. Comply with legislation by securing confidential information in electronic communications.

Trade & Industry

Ensure competitive edge by sharing technical product documents, development projects and patents securely. Communicate safely both nationally and internationally.


In confidential discussions by municipalities, for example, The Personal Data Act and the GDPR determine how confidential information should be handled.

Service sector

Ensure the integrity of communications and keep the confidence of both companies and customers. Protect contracts, project information, customer data, and other confidential information.


For example, the Personal Data Act and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities determine how confidential information should be dealt with in educational establishments. Protect student data and cooperation with public administration and businesses.

Non-profit organizations

Ensure the ease of use and straightforwardness of sensitive and confidential communications with authorities, businesses and private customers.

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