Artificial Intelligence

Why AI for Security?

In the recent years technological advancements in IT infrastructure speed and availability has allowed for more advanced algorithms to tackle problems that could not be automated previously. With cloud computing services, even small businesses or start-ups have access to cost friendly hardware and services that are necessary to run AI software.

In the security industry, this means that more advanced detection systems can be implemented to run automatically with minimal human intervention. This provides 24/7 coverage at reduced costs and increased efficiency. Through AI and automation, people need not focus repetitive and mundane tasks but instead on more important and complex requirements.

How we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

While the cost of manpower is increasing, it does not mean that efficiency and productivity increase as well. At KTSS we are developing AI based solutions to automate security processes that are currently reliant on manpower for execution. Below are examples of how we are helping businesses to enhance security 24/7 without the hefty manpower costs:-

  • Automating CCTV monitoring to reduce the number of security personnel required.
  • Automatically task assignment based on location
  • Real-time manpower and asset tracking


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